Project Advent II, Day 21: Snacks for All Saints Teachers


Short and simple one today.  We actually signed up to do this at the start of the school year, but each Friday a different parent brings snacks up to All Saints for the teacher's lounge.  Today was our turn.  I made pigs in a blanket, and picked up fresh bagels from Einstein Brothers.  It looked like they were a hit!

The rest of the day was really nice, too.  Blake went home with a friend to play for the afternoon, so I got to have a daddy-daughter lunch date with Ava.  I told her I'd take her anyplace in Lubbock.  She chose Chik Fil A.

Affirmation Project:  My cousin Aaren - geography meant that we couldn't be as close as we would have liked when we were growing up, but you've become such a valued part of my life, it's like we've made up for all of that lost time.


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