Let's Check In With Jack!


Jack's preschool teacher, Mrs. Easton...  I just don't know how to convey strongly enough how much I mean this, but she really does have the patience of a saint.  Every day, she sends home a note with each child, letting parents know what they did that day, and what kind of day they had.  Here is Jack's note from last Thursday.
You may not be able to read that without clicking on it to blow it up; here's what it says under "Comments":
Took his shoes off before chapel, pooped in pants during centers and pulled B--- and C---'s ears because he didn't like what they were doing.

Now, take a look at what it says under the "My mood was" section:
Mostly in a good mood

He had a shoe-removing tantrum, pooped his pants, and pulled not just one, but two people's ears because he didn't like what they were doing, and that was on a day when he was in a mostly good mood.  I'd say we owe Mrs. Easton a steak dinner, but by this point in the school year, I think we owe her a steak restaurant.