Project Advent II, Day 11: Angel Tree


Today was BIZ-ZAY.  Courtney worked last night, so I got the kiddos all dressed and off to school this morning.  Then there were a few fires to put out at the office, followed by our office Christmas party at lunch time.  Our office parties are usually a good time, and there was fajitas to eat (and a cake that my coworker Earlene, the amazing baker, made), so I didn't want to miss that.  That ruled out lunch time for service today.  Came home, had dinner with the family, and then went up to church for a two hour church council/charge conference meeting.  And just like that, the day was pretty much gone!

But as I walked out of church tonight, I realized what a rare circumstance I was in.  I was out on my own, with no children, and Courtney was home with them.  I called her and asked if I could go out to do a little Christmas shopping for the kids.  I think she was relieved at the thought of not having to do it herself, so she instantly said yes.  I ran back into the church and grabbed a card from the angel tree that they had set up.  Here's the one I took:
As you can see, there's no identifying information, just an age and sex, a number to connect it to the child who made the wish list, and then the items on the list.  But I picked this one because I felt like I knew this boy.  He likes trains, bikes, animals, scooters, and gadgets: if he was just two years older, this kid could be Blake.  We couldn't do every single thing on the list, but here's part of what he'll be getting.
In addition, we got him a few pairs of blue jeans and several shirts.  Boy #84, I may never meet you, but I love you, and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Affirmation Project: I had the chance to sit by the newest pastor on FUMC's staff tonight, Rev. Bailey Barkley.  He's been with our church a fairly short time, just about six months, but he's done so much already.  When Blake made his first trip to church camp this summer, Bailey was the counselor who stayed in his cabin, and Blake came back full of stories about the cool new pastor.  He's been a big part of starting some new ministries that have really taken off.  Most of all, he's just a really good guy.  I'm looking forward to the chance to know him better.


brandy said...

I love that you love this kid without knowing him! It shows your heart! You have inspired me to choose a child for my kids to shop for!

Ali said...

"Boy #84, I may never meet you, but I love you, and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas." *gulp* You're a good man, Danny Holwerda.

Bailey Barkley said...

Thanks, Danny. I appreciate the affirmation. Grace and peace fill your heart as you make room for the Christ within this season.


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