Project Advent II, Day 20: Saint Benedict's Chapel


My friend Courtney got in touch with me after I worked at the Sick Children's Clinic earlier this month.  It turns out that she is now the full-time financial administrator for Second Baptist Church, the church that sponsors the clinic.  She invited me last year to work an evening at Saint Benedict's, because Second Baptist also does that every Thursday night, and she was getting in touch to renew the invitation for this year.

They start serving the meal at 5, which is when I get off of work.  Fortunately, St. Ben's is only about a quarter mile from my office, so I hopped in the car and booked it over there as quickly as I could.  When I got there, the tables inside were already completely full, and most folks had already had a first serving of food.  However, there were still seconds to be served, and a crowd of people waiting outside for seats to open up so that they could come in and eat.

Last year, I waited tables, taking food out to people and picking up their plates when they were done, or bringing them more food if they wanted more.  This year, I stood in the assembly line and helped make plates.  The first two people put meatloaf and green beans on the plate, I added potatoes, Courtney topped them with gravy, and the last volunteer added bread.  It was fun!  We caught up on the last year, talked about what's been going on in our lives, and just enjoyed each other's company.

The hour passed quickly.  I thought about how many of these projects have involved feeding hungry people.  It makes me glad that there are places like this where people can get a meal.  It makes me glum to think that in 2012 in America there are still so many people who need a meal.  Tonight, though, I also thought of a scripture that I haven't thought of in a long time, Hebrews 13:1-2.
Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters. Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.

Affirmation Project: Mark, I'm really proud of you for the new job that you started this year, and for the way that you're always there for my kids.


Ali said...

I am certain that through your Project Advent(s) you have "shown hospitality to angels without knowing it."

Now I want mashed potatoes.

Danny said...

I love your comments so much that I want to serve them mashed potatoes.

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