Project Valentine 2012


I have got to get my mojo back.  I just reread the last post I wrote on here: a few months ago, I would have spun that story into comedy, but instead I took it in a sappier direction.  What do I need?  What I need is... a Project.

I made one New Years Resolution this year, and actually it was also kind of sappy.  My resolution, which I have so far only shared with Courtney, was to make her fall in love with me all over again like when we were dating.  This May will mark our tenth anniversary, so I thought it would be a good time to make sure I'm doing my part to keep the homefires burning.

You may not have guessed this from reading my blog, but sometimes it takes a lot of patience to live with me.  I mean, I like to think that I'm a pretty good guy, but I also do stuff like hogging control of the Netflix queue for months at a time or bringing international attention into our lives.  In spite of all that, though, Courtney encourages me and wants me to do what I love.

Here's just one story about why I love her.  With the exception of a few recent additions, my musical tastes are pretty much frozen in the mid to late '90s, when I was in high school and college.  I've never outgrown the all-too-brief Britpop boom, when the world had Pulp, Oasis, and Blur to listen to.  So, when the line-up for this year's Coachella festival was announced, and I saw that Pulp was reuniting, I really wanted to go.  (To say nothing of the many other great acts!  Madness, Mazzy Star, Radiohead, Noel Gallagher, The Hives!  Many, many others!)  At first, this was just idle chatter on Facebook, until my friend Steven hit me right in my vain soft spot with this observation: "You've never been to a music festival?  Going to this and writing about it would make excellent material for your blog."  He and I decided that we would try to get tickets and travel there together.

But I still had to pitch it to Courtney.  I put it in the nicest terms I could, but it still boiled down to, "I would like to ditch you and the kids for a long weekend while I go camp in the desert with my friend, where we will be partying and listening to music.  Did I mention that this will take place while you are five months pregnant with twins?"  And you know what?  She not only told me she was fine with me going, she was enthusiastic about it.  She wanted me to have that experience.  As it turned out, Steven and I immediately got placed in the standby system when it was time to purchase tickets, where we sat for the rest of the afternoon as we watched Coachella sell out.  But still, Courtney was willing to let me go, and that meant a lot to me.

I did a Project Valentine last year, where I watched a different romance movie every day in February.  This year, Project Valentine will be something different.  Every day between now and Valentines Day, I'm going to do something special for her.  Because I don't want to rush these, I'll post each day's project the next day, along with how it was received.  This will be a bit of a challenge, because she's going to be out of town for about 5 of those 14 days, but that just means I'll have to be creative.

Don't worry - this is going to be fun, not schmoopy.  Maybe a little schmoopy.


Agoodmanmedina said...

You?  A lot of patience required to put up with you? Surely, Danny, you jest!

Anyway, awwww to this year's project Valentine. Congratulations to you for showing up every other husband on your blog!  Looking forward to it!

Academomia said...

I'm looking forward to it!

Meredith Bray said...

Twins?  You two are such good people.  There's hope for the human race yet!

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