Project Valentine 2012, Day 9: Got Her a Treat to Have at Work


Yesterday was Courtney's first night back at work in several days, since she'd been on the road for her trip.  I phoned her as I was leaving my office and asked if she would like me to pick up anything on the way home for her to have last night while she was on duty.

Here's what was great about it - she was really surprised and delighted.  She didn't know what to ask for at first, but I could hear the smile in her voice.  Finally she asked if I'd stop by the cold case and get her one of the fruit and yogurt parfaits that she likes.

It wasn't a big thing today, but I was still really pleased with the result, just because the sound of her voice on the phone was so pleasantly (and cutely) taken by surprise.


Academomia said...

That would have made my day too!  You're a nice guy.

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