Project Valentine 2012, Day 8: Massage


Right around New Years, Courtney and I got a new mattress.  It is AWESOME.  How awesome?  So awesome that I just used every text enhancement that Blogger offers when I typed the word awesome, and also made it pink.  So awesome.  The mattress we'd been sleeping on was one that we got along with our bedroom set, just before we were married, so it had been slept on for nearly 10 years.  You know in cartoons how somebody will sit down on an old mattress, and a spring will poke out and go "sproing!"?  Our bed was making that sound.  Now we're sleeping on a Tempurpedic, and it's like having friendly sleep angels lulling you into unconsciousness every night.

The bad part about being so quickly spoiled by our new mattress is that it becomes very hard to go to sleep anyplace else, as Courtney and I have both discovered while traveling in the past month.  When she got home yesterday, four nights in a hotel bed and a crowded return flight had all added up to one really sore back for her.  I think she probably could have put her head down on the pillow and instantly been out, but I wanted to make sure she got a really good night's sleep and relaxation, so I gave her a backrub until she was ready to sleep.

I'm pleased to report that she fell asleep smiling.


Lisa said...

We did the same thing this year - 10 year old mattress to Tempurpedic. Took me 6 weeks to get used to it, but I wouldn't give it up for anything now. :)  
You're racking up the points this month! :o)

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