Project Valentine 2012, Day 3: Movie Night


First, I have to brag on Blake for a second.  There's a monthly event called the First Friday Art Trail, where different galleries and venues around Lubbock open their doors to the public to display work by area artists.  Last night, one of the galleries had a display of work from All Saints students, and one of Blake's pieces was selected!  It's the Keith Haring-inspired piece right above his head in this picture.
Mrs. Lemon is a really great art teacher.  Blake comes home telling me about the stuff they've learned in class, and it's far more in-depth than anything I was doing in first grade.  Small world - my mom actually taught one of Mrs. Lemon's daughters over a decade ago.

Courtney left town this morning for a critical care conference in Houston, where she'll be for the next few days, so I wanted some time with her last night.  We got the kids to bed after we returned home from the gallery, and I went to get ice cream for the two of us while Courtney chose a movie for us on Netflix.  See, that way I'm romancing her on two fronts - giving her the snack that she wants, and showing her that I'm able to relinquish control of the Netflix queue when it counts.  To her credit, she chose a Steve Martin movie, something that I can always get behind.

I guess there's not too much to describe about watching a movie together.  We sat next to each other, held hands, and enjoyed both each other's company and the ice cream.  When I started to doze off, she'd stick an elbow into my ribs and tease me about being an old man who couldn't stay awake through a movie anymore.  It was nice.  It made me think of when we would watch movies together on my couch back when we were dating, just with lots less making out.


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