Project Valentine 2012, Day 6: Sent Roses to Her Hotel Room


One time when I was a junior in high school, this girl I liked went on a choir trip to Nashville.  While she was there, I sent some roses to be delivered to her hotel room.  Later, she totally went to the prom with me.  I tell this story so that you can see that even twenty years ago, I was kind of a baller.

(Later, she and I were also in each other's weddings, and our families went to Disneyland together!  So, yeah, the roses worked.)

But this isn't about her, it's about Courtney.  I wanted to send some flowers to her room, but I've had mixed experiences with services like FTD.  Sometimes they get it right, but sometimes the florists they work with do kind of a sloppy job.  Instead, I called the hotel that she's staying in for her conference, and asked for the concierge.  I figured that if there was somebody who would know a good, local place to work with, it would be them.

The concierge's name was Britney, and she was really helpful.  After I told her what I'd like, gave her my billing info, and what I'd like on my card, she assured me that the rest would be taken care of.  Yesterday evening, when Courtney finished with the conference for the day, and went back to her room, I got a message from her thanking me for the gorgeous flowers, along with a picture.
It sounds like it's been a good conference, but I'm awfully ready for her to be home on Wednesday evening.


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