Project Valentine 2012, Day 5: Cleaned the House


It's probably silly, but the time when I'm absolutely the most motivated to clean is right before I leave on a trip, because I love coming back to a clean house.  I thought that Courtney would enjoy that, too, so I decided that today's thing would be to clean as much of the house as I could.  It's not spotless, but she'll be coming home to something much nicer than what she left.

We skipped church yesterday, because the kids were all really sniffly, and Blake was coughing.  Since we had all of that time at home, I enlisted their help.  After they'd picked up all of their toys and books from the living room and put them away, I Tom Sawyered them into wanting to Swiffer the kitchen floor by telling them how boring it was, and how they wouldn't like having to do it.  Worked like a charm.

With a little more time before she comes home on Wednesday night, I think we can a few more things looking good, too.


Crazygirl said...

I almost loathe leaving the house for a trip, because like you, I want to leave it shiny and sparkly for when I return!
She'll love this. Cleaning husbands is like porn for women!  :D

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