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I'm very excited to announce the first Look What Danny Made! live, interactive event, and to invite you to be a part of it!  In just about three weeks, on Friday, April 29, I'll be eating my last Project Gastronome food, and I have enough to share with a few lucky readers.  I don't want to spoil the surprise by saying in advance what it's going to be, but I promise that it will not be something gross.  It will be something unique and fun, and that I am almost certain you will not have experienced before.

How can you take part?  Simple.  Leave a comment on this blog entry telling me about one of your most memorable food experiences, either a great one or an awful one.  It can be as long or as short as you choose.  At the end of your comment, indicate whether or not you would like to be entered into the drawing for an invitation, and whether you will be coming solo or as a couple.

One time I ate an entire donkey.  I'd have gone back for seconds, but it was just terrible.  Please enter me in the drawing!  I will be joined by my wife.
That's it!  I will accept new entries through midnight on Monday, April 18.  Then I'll print the names of everybody who entered, drop them in a hat, and have Blake draw them out until I have sixteen attendees.  Then I'll contact you for a mailing address so I can drop your invitation in the mail and you'll have time to make plans to come.

Even if you can't come (or don't want to), it will still be fun to read your tales of culinary adventure, so please leave a comment!

Here's the fine print:
  1. Obviously, you must be able to come to my house in Lubbock, TX for this on the evening of April 29.
  2. I will be taking photos and video, and asking for your opinions of the food, all to be posted on the blog.  I'll give you the choice to opt out of those, but a big part of this event's fun will be in sharing the reactions.
  3. If you attend, I'd appreciate you sharing a link to the blog post, either on your own blog (if you have one), on Facebook, or just with some friends by email.
OK, I think that's it for now.  If I have leftovers of any Project Gastronome foods that are still OK to eat by then, I'll put those out, too, for anybody who's curious enough to try them.  And yes, I do have leftover century eggs.

Leave a comment!  Come join us!  And just so I don't leave you without a video to watch today, here's Louis CK talking about a food adventure of his own at the Asian market.  (He is hilarious, but uses rough language, so you may not want your kids to hear this one.)


    Anonymous said...

    When I was about 8th or 9th grade, my parents took my brother and me to an Asian restaurant in San Angelo. I think it was called China garden. I don't think this was my first time to eat Asian food, but I didn't have a lot of experience because we didn't eat out very often.

    They brought out an appetizer of egg rolls and two small bowls of sauce. One bowl was almost full of what I later learned was sweet/sour sauce. I tried that and liked it.

    The other bowl was almost completely empty and had some kind of yellow sauce in it. For some reason, it totally pissed me off that they brought us a bowl that was already almost empty. I said, "I'll just finish this and they can bring us a full bowl."

    I dipped my egg roll in and covered it with pretty much all that remained, which was probably 2 tablespoons or so. Before my Dad could stop me, I popped that bite in my mouth. I was very satisfied with myself for showing them how stupid they were to bring such a small amount.

    Of course, you've figured out it was hot mustard and mostly horse radish. I literally didn't know what had hit me. I couldn't breathe. I honestly thought I might die. Fluids were gushing from every orifice on my face- tears, snot, and saliva. I thought the top of my head was coming right off.

    They hadn't brought us our drinks yet. I emptied my water glass, downed my mom's glass and then my dad's. Sibling rivalry was still alive and well. My brother grabbed his glass before I could get to it. Bastard.

    My father could NOT stop laughing, which, of course, infuriated me. I was sure it was somehow a set up. He was laughing at what a brash young idiot I was. Until the day he died, that story made my father laugh until he cried. He said my reaction was one of the damndest things he had ever seen.

    It's one of my favorite stories too, now that I've had time to digest it. I like hot mustard now, too. ALWAYS in moderation!

    I would LOVE to come to your dinner if my name is drawn from the hat. Jennifer has already politely declined after seeing the 100 year old egg. Meranda will be accompanying me, but will be eating crackers and peanut butter with Blake.

    Roy B.

    Funfor5andunder said...

    Once, on a mission trip to mexico, we were given bowls of soup with many floating objects in them. The family watched as I took a bite and explained something about cow brain. After I threw up in my mouth a little bit, I was told I was the lucky one because I had the head of the snake in my soup!! Where was the soup Nazi when I needed him? I would love to come to your party and bring Zeb! BTW- I literally would almost faint when someone would open a durian around me in Thailand. Michele A.

    Roy B. said...

    I always forget that the comments sections on blogs are not like facebook and I look for the "like" button. Not there. So, I'll just say I like Michele's story.

    Also, I love ANY story that starts with, "Once, on/at yada, yada, yada...." because in my head I always read it as, "One time, at band camp...."

    Courtney said...

    So, I have this husband who likes to try random, bizarre foods. And video himself. And our son. And post this on the web for all to see. Invite me to the party!!! But, how about instead of a surprise treat, you get me some surprise jewelry & we call it even... ;)

    Caroline said...

    So, I was behind on blog reading and have nearly killed myself laughing. I'm so glad you are doing this. The most unusual thing I can recall eating is haggis- which I thought was horrible. I'd love an invitation- solo.

    Roy B said...

    Uh oh, Danny....

    It's been my experience that it's almost never a good thing when the wife reads what's been written in the blog!!

    Luckily for me, that's a pretty rare occurrence. Looks like it could be expensive for you!

    Danny said...

    Thank you to everybody for your comments so far - it's been fun reading your stories!

    Courtney - if I get you jewelry now, it wouldn't be a surprise, would it? Sorry, you'll just have to wait and satisfy yourself in the meantime with being my +1 to the party.

    Roy - She'll go for a while without reading it, and then read a whole bunch of entries at once and ambush me with stuff! Luckily, I'm super-skilled at disarming her with romance and classiness.

    Anonymous said...

    again...I need that "like" button.

    If only the guy writing this blog were a computer geek and capable of adding something like that....

    Anonymous said...

    uhh.....of course I meant "geek" in the nicest, most intelligent way!

    Danny said...

    No offense taken!

    Anonymous said...

    Most of my extreme food experiences have come from travelling abroad. Many of them are good and just a few are not necessarily bad, just unexpected. The funniest food story that comes to mind is when I lived in Spain for a semester in college. Our house mom only ate lunch with us and then she would usually just fix dinner and leave it out for us or let us know when it was ready. A very common dish in Spain is called Tortilla Espanola which is basically an egg torte/quiche kinda thing but there is no crust. Our house mom was not known for her cooking so our dinners were usually store bought, pre-packaged items. She bought a "Tortilla” at the store and warmed it and told us it was in the microwave when we were ready and then she went back in her room. We went to sit down for dinner and upon opening the microwave were nearly knocked over by the horrible stench of what smelled like rotten eggs and spoiled milk mixed together. We didn't know what to do because we didn't want to hurt her feelings or make a big deal out of it, so after much laughing and discussion of possible solutions we decided it smelled too bad to put it in the trash inside (and we didn't want her to find it) and we didn't want to put it in the trash chute, so we threw it out the window of our 7th floor apartment. It didn't go as far as we thought it would and it ended up on the basketball court. It was there for days and we laughed every time we walked past it on our way to school.
    I would love to come to the Wrap party and it would probably just be me!
    Holly N.

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