Project Gastronome, Day 1: Pickled Pigs Feet


I'm beginning Project Gastronome by looking towards our friends with fins, feathers, and fur. This week's menu items are all from the animal kingdom.

I decided to start the month with an item that I've walked by in the supermarket for years, something I've always been kind of both horrified and fascinated by - pickled pigs feet.  It's not like I have any qualms about pork.  I love pork!  Dude, I've even tried and enjoyed chitlins.  I'm just fine with the swine.  As on so many other occasions, my feelings can best be captured by a clip from The Simpsons.

Why this trepidation?  I think it comes down to two things.

1. They are pickled - I love pickles, too!  Dill, sweet, bread 'n butter, pickled okra, kimchi, sauerkraut - all are favorites.  But do you notice what they all have in common?  They are all vegetables.  I just don't think that pickling is a process that should be done to meat.

2. They are feet - Ask Courtney how many foot massages I have given her during our marriage.  (I'll save you the call.  The answer is EWWWWW.)

Time to confront this fear.  Here is the jar, pre-opening.  Perhaps you are reminded, as I was, of museums that display medical oddities like preserved fetuses in jars.

I need to make this more palatable.  Mind over matter.  Voila!  Still life with pigs feet.
Here is what they looked like once they were poured out.

OK, time to stop stalling and start eating.  You get to watch this next part in glorious video!

And that would be that, except that then this happened...


Roy B said...

Awesome!! Of course, I especially like Blake's contribution.

Re: Your initial description at the 1:00 mark...."That's what she said!"

Will Meekin said...

"Still life with pigs' feet." Priceless.

Becca said...


I bet you could find lots of good weird things to try at that Lowe's by 19th and the Loop. It always smells a little like bacon, but just a little "off".

Kyle Lawrence said...

Hey Danny, your reaction to massaging Courtney's feet is "EWWWW"? You should look down sometime, bro, I remember your hooves!

Danny said...

My disgust for other feet is most likely rooted in a deep self-loathing of my own feet.

Linda said...

My first thought when Blake decided to eat the pig's feet was he must be awfully hungry...I was so relieved when he spit it out.

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