Bride of Project Horror, Day 29: Beyond the Black Rainbow


I'm just going to be straight with you.  I fell asleep about 30 minutes into this movie, and only now woke up.  That's not any reflection on the movie, which I was actually enjoying a lot.  It's just that a month of late nights has caught up with me.

From what I saw, this seemed to be much more of a sci-fi thriller than a horror movie.  It had a very 70s-throwback look to it, kind of like Logan's Run.  Again, I fell asleep pretty early on, but it was about a cruel scientist and the girl with strange powers who he keeps captive.

I enjoyed what I saw, and I'm planning to come back and watch this one again when I'm a little more rested.  In the meantime, I'm going to give it an unknown score, a great big ? out of five.

Tomorrow night: Antichrist, available on Netflix instant streaming


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