Return of Project Horror, Day 15: Inside


No, no, no, no, no.


I'm sorry I ever made fun of you, France.  This movie was my punishment.

I wanted some movies for Return of Project Horror that I would have to watch between the cracks in my fingers, and this one definitely fits the bill.  I'm kind of in brain shock right now.  I'm not usually going to discourage you from reading anything on my blog, but if you are squeamish, just don't even read anything more about this movie.  Come back tomorrow, when I will be reviewing a movie that a friend of mine directed.  I'll understand.

Still here?  OK, let's do this.

Inside opens with one of the single most horrible images I have ever seen in a movie.  That is not hyperbole.  The very first shot is of a fetus, in utero, as you hear a muffled mother's voice speaking loving words.  And then BANG!, the fetus grimaces and recoils, blood clouds the amniotic fluid, and the POV changes to show that there has been a terrible traffic accident, with a pregnant woman driving one of the cars.  The next scene is four months later, on Christmas Eve, and we learn that Sarah's (the driver's) husband was killed in the crash, and that she is due on Christmas Day.

As Sarah prepares for bed, a strange woman (played, incidentally, by Beatrice Dalle, who played the cannibal chick in Trouble Every Day) shows up outside her house, asking to be let in.  Although she acts at first as though she is a stranger in distress, the woman soon makes it clear that she knows quite a bit about Sarah's life, and Sarah calls the police.  After the police arrive and assure Sarah that she's safe, she goes to bed.  The stranger, however, makes her way into Sarah's house and spends the rest of the movie THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO LEAVE IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE THIS pursuing Sarah and trying to cut the baby out of her stomach.  With very sharp scissors.  And with lots more interior shots of the distressed fetus.

It is really, really upsetting.  I'm sort of grappling with how to rate this one.  It is not a fun viewing experience.  I'm drained and sad and kind of sick right now.  For that reason, though, I'm going to say that this movie was a success.  I asked for something extreme, and this time I got what I wished for.  If you want a movie that will sear your brain, this is it.  I give it five scissors out of five.
TOMORROW: Deadland


Kerri_winter said...

Did Sarah make it? Good grief! I had a mild fear of that happening to me when I was pregnant and by myself at the store, etc. Very creepy! Couldn't watch that one!

Danny Holwerda said...

I was trying to avoid spoiling it in the review, but I can spoil it down here, I guess. Sarah does NOT make it. But the baby does, and so does the stranger, but barely.

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