Do the Time Warp with Look What Danny Made!


 At the end of Project Gastronome, I had a little party so that I could go on a Miracle Berry flavor trip with some of my friends, and share some of my leftovers with them, too.  It was great!  Unfortunately, there was only enough miracle fruit for a few people, so I had to limit the number of attendees.

Since I've already had guest bloggers along for several movies, I want to have a movie party with as many folks as can come.  The good news this time is that the only limit for how many people can come is my living room's capacity.

So, here's the details.  Just like I promised before the Project Gastronome party that nobody would have to eat anything gross, I'll promise you in advance of this that you won't have to watch anything scary.  The movie will be The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  I haven't decided yet if I'm going to have you do the audience participation, although you are definitely free to come in costume.

Interested in joining us?  I'm not going to put my address on here, but leave a comment or send me a message at, and I'll make sure you know the way to my house.  Here's the rest of the details.
WHEN: Friday, October 28th at 9 PM
WHERE: Danny's house
WHAT: beers, snacks, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Let's do this!


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