Return of Project Horror!


One year ago, when Look What Danny Made! was just a baby blog, I found my writing legs by launching my first ever blog project, Project Horror.  The rules were simple:
  1. At least one horror movie every day in the month of October
  2. No movies that I'd seen before (although I did end up making one teensy exception to that rule)
It was a blast!  As October drew closer this year, I decided that it was time to do it again.  Here's the conversation I had with Courtney about it.

ME: "I hope you don't mind, I'm going to be hijacking the Netflix queue for a little while for another Project Horror.  (next part is in creepy horror movie trailer voice) Because every good fright deserves a sequel!"
HER: "(eyeroll) I can't be-LIEVE you just said that."

I took that to mean that she gave it her blessing.  Yay!

I'm sticking to the same basic rules again this year (although I will have, again, one exception to the "never seen it before" rule).  But I have to mix it up at least a little bit to keep it interesting, right?  I considered doing it entirely with movies that are available on Netflix instant streaming (or as it is soon to be known, just plain Netflix [which, don't even get me started...]) and calling it Project Horror II: It Came From Instant Streaming.  A little bit of time spent browsing the streaming catalog, though, convinced me that it wouldn't be a very enjoyable month if I only used those titles.

Instead, here are a few of the new elements that I'll be introducing to the Project Horror witch's brew in order to give life to Return of Project Horror:
  • Guest Bloggers: a few of my most cinephilic friends are going to be co-authoring entries along with me!
  • Exclusive Director's Commentary: it just so happens that the director of one of the movies in this month's features is an old friend of mine, and he has agreed to give an exclusive commentary on it to Look What Danny Made!
  • Another Look What Danny Made! party: I had so much fun eating Miracle Fruit with you people that I added a crowd-pleaser to the line-up, just so I could have folks over to join me again.  Mark your calendars now - if you will be in Lubbock on Friday, October 28th, you'll want to come!  More details soon.
  • Watch Along With Danny: I've kept my viewing schedule a secret in the past, so that the surprise of each day's movie was part of the fun.  I'm going to flex that rule a little bit this year, and announce each title the night before so you can go find it at Redbox or pull it out of your collection and watch it with me.  If it's available for instant streaming, I'll let you know that, too.  (About a third of them will be.)
And, of course, I have to tell you ahead of time what this year's themes are:
  • October 1-5:  Vampire Variations
  • October 6-10:  Slashers
  • October 11-15:  Parlez-vous d'horreur? 
  • October 16-20:  Cult & Indies 
  • October 21-25:  Evil Twins & Children 
  • October 26-30:  Campy & B-Movies 
  • October 31 (HALLOWEEN!):  Danny's Choice
I still haven't decided what my choice for Halloween will be.  Give me your best suggestions.  I want something that I have to watch between the cracks in my fingers!

TOMORROW: 30 Days of Night


Matt Musselman said...

I forgot -- have you seen the original of the movie "The Eye"? (I can't speak for the American remake, since I haven't seen it yet.) That's still the scariest movie I've ever seen, but ghost movies like that get to me the most.... That would be a good ender, if you're going for something the most scary.

Steve Myles said...

Looking forward to it. We'll be watching horror next month again as well, so I'll be with you in spirit (spooky, haha) even though we won't be able to make the party on 10/28. I wonder if any of your selections overlap with ours...

Danny Holwerda said...

Interesting - I have not seen that one, but I may need to.

Danny Holwerda said...

I look forward to reading yours, Steve!

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