Getting Better All the Time


I wanted to post this yesterday, on my birthday, but Jack's birthday present to me was to royally screw up my computer.  While I was in another room doing something with Ava, he opened it up and discovered how fun it was to press the power button again and again and again.  Sometimes he'd mix it up by pressing the button that launches the computer into Media Center and then pressing the power button again.  After running an hour-long disk scan, I was finally able to get the thing to boot, but I still haven't been able to get it to connect to my home network.  I think I've just now decided that Jack's real birthday present to me will be for me to cash in a portion of his college fund to buy myself a new computer.

The name of this post is "Getting Beter All the Time," a title I chose for two reasons.

First, my family is doing well.  The weeks since Papa's death have been very difficult, but we're healing every day.  September 13th would have been his 64th birthday, and the whole family went out for dinner together to celebrate him.  A generous friend was dining in the same restaurant and bought our dinner, which touched us all.  So many people have reached out to us, and I've heard from lots of folks who have been inspired by Papa's words.

Second, as I mentioned above, yesterday was my birthday.  You know what I love about my birthday?  It's a yearly reminder that I just keep getting better.  All the time.  One of my lifelong friends, Jason, called me yesterday to wish me a happy birthday and to see how I'm doing.  He told me that he was ready to start reading about the latest silly stuff that I'm up to again.  I'm also ready to write about that again.  Look What Danny Made! is a year old now, too!  I launched it towards the end of last September, but I've decided that we share the same birthday.  Just as I keep getting better each year, so shall Look What Danny Made! continue to improve.  Between now and the end of September, keep watching this space.  I've got some improvements lined up for various areas of the site, in terms of appearance and interactivity.  I'll announce the changes as they arrive, and I think there'll be some fun things in store.

And just to whet your appetite, we're only two and a half weeks away from October, which means...


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