Fried Fun on a Stick


Every year since we first started dating, Courtney and I have gone to the Fair when it comes to town.  When we were younger and had no kids with us, we'd make a leisurely evening of it, go on a few rides together, maybe stick around to watch a show after eating.  It's more of a challenge with three kids, and we don't really go on any of the rides ourselves anymore, but it's also a lot more fun.  I'm not going to write a lot about it other than to caption the pictures, but here's some shots of the family at the Fair tonight!

Jack chowed down on a corndog.
Ava enjoying her corndog

Ava and Jack went on a spinning ride that looked like hot air balloons.  They were both happy at first.
But this is how they looked after a few spins.
The race cars left everybody happy.
And Blake loved the Indiana Jones obstacle course.
"Fly, fly, Lil' Sebastian!"
He holds one of these every year, and every year he has the same look on his face.
Inside the petting zoo area
This was as close as Jack wanted to get to any of the animals.  Maybe he's more like me than I imagine.

I love his sweet face so much in this one.  Lord, guide and protect these, thy sheep.

On the way out, we stopped at a booth where the kids made power bands, those bracelets with the colored beads that give a visual of salvation.
And last, but not least, Ava turned four years old on September 25th!  I didn't get many pictures, but I did get one of her opening her favorite present, a CD player for her room.  She'd been asking for one for a while, and was so excited to have music at bedtime now!
Ava was born while the Fair was in town, four years ago.  The day after Ava was born, while Courtney was still recovering in the hospital, Courtney asked me if I'd go to the Fair and bring her back a fried cheese on a stick.  Of course I would!  If you go to the Fair before 1 PM, it's free to park and go in.  I got there at ten after one.  I pulled the phone out of my pocket, showed a photo of my beautiful newborn daughter to the man at the parking booth, and told him I had just enough money in my pocket for a cheese on a stick for my wife.  He let me in.  At the gate, I had the same conversation with the ticket taker, and showed her a different picture of the little girl who took my breath away from the first moment I saw her.  She let me in, too.  Then I got to the booth that sells the fried cheese, and was so excited that I made everybody inside look at a picture, too, with a smile that never left my face.  I'm smiling even now, just thinking of it.  I smile every day that I am with her.

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Roy B said...

Great, as usual, but I really just wanted to try the new comment system! Lol

Rachel R. said...

Oooooh...comments...AND fried cheese on a stick.

Danny Holwerda said...

Thanks for trying it out! Now I can reply to individual comments, and start threads.

Danny Holwerda said...

Are there county fairs in SoCal? Are they anything like they are out here?

Jenn said...

Love all the pictures! Wow can't believe little Ms. Ava is 4! Pretty sure I have a picture of me holding her on the day she was born somewhere on my FB. Give her a happy belated hug from me :)

Jocelyn Rudder said...

Love it!

Krisha Johansen said...

Ava's face on the hot air balloon ride? Priceless.

And the Lil Sebastian quote- genius.

What a sweet story about you and Courtney! You guys are truly blessed to have eachother, and such adorable children! :)

Paula said...

Great story about getting the cheese on a stick for Courtney. I miss the fair so much! I think we'll be moving back to the U.S. around fair time next year -- I would love to go then to the fair. Germany has Volksfests with some of the same food and carnival rides, but to me the South Plains Fair and Texas State Fair just can't be beat.

Danny Holwerda said...

Andy's band singing the tribute to Lil' Sebastian was my favorite moment of the entire last season of Parks & Rec. If I could buy it as a single on iTunes, I would.

Agoodmanmedina said...

The story about the fair made me smile the whole time I read it. I noticed Courtney in the pic of the 3 kids sitting down to make braclets-- she's got a great smile that makes you see how much she loves her kids! What an awesome family!!

Ali said...

hey! what's going on here?! new look. new comment system. i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! i wonder where in the HELL i've been the past MONTH?! oh well. no time to think about it. i've got a month of project horror to get caught up on...

(but, btw, i totally agree with the comment about courtney getting caught in the picture of the kids making bracelets. i hope i look that in love with my kids when i look at them.)

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