Warning: Having Children May Impair Mobility


Woke up at 7.  Wanted to go to the gym.
Had to feed the kids.  Wanted to go to the gym.
Had to get the kids dressed.  Wanted to go to the gym
Tried to get self dressed.  Had to interrupt self three times because I can't leave the room for more than 10 seconds without the kids provoking each other to tears.  Wanted to go to the gym.
Finally got the kids in the car.  Drove to the gym.

Forgot the freaking diaper bag.

Back to the car.  Finally got to the gym at 9:30.  Some days it seems like a long, long time ago that I measured the time between deciding to go to a place and starting to drive to that place in seconds instead of hours.


Becca said...

Just remember, crying means they're still breathing, so it couldn't be *that* bad. It's silence that concerns me.

Ali said...

it seems like all your troubles started with this "wanted to go to gym" idea.

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