Thursday Miscellanea


Sometimes the best you can do is a list entry, and today I'm OK with that.  Here's what's up.

1. My wife Courtney has been promoted!  She is now one of the charge nurses in the surgical ICU at UMC.  I'm really proud of the recognition she's getting.

2. My friend Kyle gets double props in this entry.  First, because he has completed a very funny spec script for the TV show "Parks and Recreation," which I think you ought to read.  Second, because he forwarded me this, which is pretty much the perfect union of Projects Valentine and Horror.  (If you can't read it, click the picture for a bigger size.)

3. Do you ever buy stuff on Craigslist?  I've sold some things (although my business has dropped off ever since they dropped their Adult Services listings [which I shouldn't have to clarify is a joke, but I will anyway]), but never bought anything.  My friend Misty's husband has created a very fun to use program called Net Notifier which I downloaded tonight; it lets you set up notifications whenever items that match your search criteria are found.  That's really a small description of it, though, because it's got some other tools that make the whole process of Craigslisting easier.  The trial is free - check it out!

4. If you have been reading the blog for a couple of months, you know that I don't shy away from sharing my gross medical issues with you.  Today I had a medical experience which I will spare you the embarrassing details of, except to say that if you had looked what Danny made, it would have scarred your brain.  But I will share with you what my doctor said: "Congratulations, Danny.  You have reached the age where your body will start doing things that can best be described as 'alarming.'"

5. I'm actively planning the next Look What Danny Made! project, but I have a little bit of shopping ahead of me first.  I'm hoping to unveil the project in April.  Stay tuned to this space and to Facebook, because I'm planning the first Look What Danny Made! live event as a part of it, and you may just be one of the lucky participants!


Misty said...

Hey-- thanks for the plug, we appreciate it more than you know! ~Big Hugs~

Congratulations to Courtney; I'm so glad her hard work is paying off!

Kyle is a creative genius. ;)

...looking forward to the unveiling in April (assuming it's not an unveiling of alarming bodily functions, especially as a live event.)

Marcy and Clay said...

Yea for Courtney and yea for promotions!

Ali said...

i started laughing at "You have reached the age where your body will start doing things that can best be described as 'alarming.'" and i haven't stopped. the idea of a live "look what danny made" event brings me immense joy. kyle's card brings me joy, too. and courtney's raise is joyous! ok. this whole flippin' post brings me joy. yay, post!

Roy B said...

The card is wrong is SO many ways while simultaneously hilarious!! We all need friends like that!

Congrats to Courtney! Great news.

Re: the aging....all I can tell you is it only gets better and better. No, I don't mean that literally. Old age is not for sissies!!

Anya Lianovich said...

I love random list postings.

I felt warm and fuzzy, horrified, shocked, and amusement (though not necessarily in that order-you can decide).

Yay for random emotions!

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