The Life Aquatic with Jack Holwerda


I mentioned recently that bathtime at our house comes with its own set of challenges, something that I really should take the chance to remind myself of as often as possible.  In the comments section of that entry, my friend Will came up with a solution that I've been using with some success on nights when Courtney is gone at work.

Tonight, well... Tonight I decided to mix it up a little bit and see if Blake could be trusted both to get himself clean and not to soak the entire bathroom in the process.  That part of the gamble paid off.  I bathed the little two first, dried them, got Jack into jammies, and was helping Ava into hers when...

Blake's voice: "Daddy!"

And then I saw this.  You can see that his hair is still wet and neatly combed from when I took him out of the bath about five minutes earlier.

I don't know who's the slower learner, me or him, because five minutes after that, when I was combing Ava's hair, and Blake had finished in the tub and drained it, I heard another sound.  This time, since the water was gone, it was more of a THUNK than a SPLASH.  Yep, headfirst into the empty tub.  Clearly, he's going to be the thinker of my brood.


Ali said...

maybe you should put jack in the tub first and take him out last...

Danny said...

Yeah, that's the system that's seemed to work best for us, and the one that I've gone back to. I need to learn not to mess with success.

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