Monday wrap-up


Blake's cast came off today.  He's glad to have it off, but is still really protective of the arm.  We played Beyblade together for a while before his bedtime.  He gloated over every victory, and blamed every loss on the arm.  (SIDENOTE TO DADS:  Beyblade is actually a really awesome toy that you will enjoy playing with your children.  Seriously!  If you have boys who you are uncertain what to get for Christmas, get them some Beyblade.  The cartoon is awful, so you can continue hating that.)

Jack is unable to reach light switches to turn the lights off all at once, so instead he prefers to kill the light in his parents' eyes a little bit at a time by pulling everything off of tables and shelves and destroying it.  We have maybe a quarter of our Christmas decorations out this year, and no ornaments on the bottom section of the tree, because he is at that delightful "JACKIE SMASH" stage of toddlerhood.

Courtney is working tonight, so after dinner I was rounding up the kids for their baths.  Jack had to have a little pre-bath wipedown of some things, and Ava decided she was unhappy with me about something.  When I went into the backyard to throw away Jack's diaper in the trash can out there, she Fred Flintstoned me and locked the door.  Blake came to my aid a few minutes later.  Ava is getting coal in her stocking this year.


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"Fred Flinstoned"

Love it!!!

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