Awaking from my long winter's nap


I haven't written in over a month, and it's actually not from neglect.  It's more that I've had a single, overarching thing happening, and it was occupying my mind a lot.  As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, things with Blake have had lots of ups and downs lately.  I've been trying to decide how to write about it, and finally decided to leave the kid some dignity and just say this - our family had a very tough patch, but we've taken some steps together to fix it, and I feel like we've turned a corner.

Of course, part of the problem with taking a month off is that if I post Christmas pictures now, it'll just make me look lazy and behind the curve.  Instead, here's a picture of my hand last week.
That festering thing on the side is where a spider bit me.  I don't remember the actual bite, and it didn't even hurt for a day or two, but then it did nothing but hurt.  This picture doesn't really do justice to just how blackened, oozing, and swollen this thing was.  The lovely tile floor is at the doctor's office, where I found out that a staph infection had set in, and that's the reason my entire arm swelled up like a balloon and felt like God was using it as a punching bag.  But, just as things with Blake have gotten much better, so too has my hand.

Happy New Year, friends.


Roy B. said...

Yea! Danny's back!

Joe J. said...

Save the ring, cut the finger!

Danny said...

You know what's funny, is that about 5 minutes after this was taken, the doctor came in and the very first thing he suggested was taking off the ring "before it becomes inconvenient." I put it on that morning out of sheer habit, but I actually had to work at it for a couple of minutes just to get it to come off.

Andrea G. said...

Poor Danny Boy!

Ali said...

i'm going to have to request that the words "blackened, oozing, and swollen" be used very sparingly from this point on. k? thanks.

glad life is taking a turn for the sane. hang in there.

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