She probably already meets the academic requirements


Click Play to hear the conversation I had with Ava in the car this morning (or just scroll down for the transcript if you are multimedia challenged):

Danny:  "Ava, where do you want to go today?"
Ava:  "Um, to Texas Tech."
Danny:  "But you go to school at Westminster Preschool, right?"
Ava:  (firmly) "No!  I want to go to Texas Tech."
Jack:  "<sound>"
Danny:  "Why do you want to go to Texas Tech?"
Ava:  "Because I want to!"
Danny:  "Don't you think that Texas A&M is better?"
Ava:  "Yeah..."
Danny:  "Yeah?  But you wanna go to Texas Tech today?"
Ava:  "Yes."
Danny:  "You know that's a school for big boys and girls.  I don't know if they'll let you into class there."
Ava:  (pause, sad) "Nooo."
Danny:  "Well, let's go to Westminster Preschool, and maybe they can tell us how you can go to Texas Tech, OK?"
Ava:  "OK."
Danny:  "OK."


Marcy and Clay said...

Maybe we should all sing the Aggie War Hymn for Ava! She definately needs to saw Varsity's horns off!

Danny said...

Oh man, that would be seriously cute. Especially if we can get Jack to sway with her.

Roy B. said...

I knew before I even clicked where this one was headed!! lol

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