Heroes & Villains (and Jack)


Last weekend, Netflix delivered The Fantastic Mr. Fox to our house, and it's been a huge hit with the kids.  I think we may end up buying a copy of this one, because even I love it.

One of the opening scenes is set to the Beach Boys song, "Heroes and Villains."  Blake, never having heard that song before, just thought it was some new song, and told me he liked it.  I told him it was even older than I am, found it on my computer, and played it for the kids.

But here's where it gets great.  Ava and Blake both kind of bopped along to it in their own ways, but Jack rocked out.  You know the scene in Flashdance where she does that dance where she just kind of tucks her head down and runs in place?  Kind of like that, but with the unmistakable sound of crinkling diaper in the background.

Later, when I was getting Jack ready for bed, I sang just a little bit of the part where all the Beach Boys come in at once ("Bom bom bom bom...").  Play the clip below for his reaction, which I love.


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