"San Diego, which of course in German means..."


I'm going to shamelessly name drop for a second, and tell you that I never miss an entry at my friend Ali's blog.  She's funny, and she's hot, so you don't really need a third reason to go, but here's what keeps her awesome - Ali posts almost every single day.  I'm going to admit it - I'm struggling to make this a daily thing.  Having Project Horror gave me something to do each day but now that it's over, I'm floundering a little bit!  I don't imagine I can keep watching a movie every day, and my kids can only do many hilarious things in any given day.  Most of my day is spent at the office, and I'm wary of posting too much about work.  My goal is to get to that daily entry place, I'm just working out what to fill it with.

There's some ideas for future viewing and other projects that I'm kicking around.  If there's something you'd like to see in the pages of Look What Danny Made! feel free to pass a note and let me know.

Now, having said that I'd like to post every day, I'm going to tell you that my posts over the next couple of days will be infrequent to nonexistent.  I'm leaving in about an hour to spend the weekend in San Diego for my friend Eric's wedding.  Even more exciting, I'm staying with my cousin Brian, who I haven't seen in several years.  Most exciting of all, I am travelling with no children, after four straight nights of being Night Shift Dad!

I've already name dropped, now here's a plug.  Brian is in a band called Blackout Party, and they are awesome.  They aren't performing this weekend, but he's taking me to see some other shows, which should be fun.  Here's a picture of Blackout Party.  I won't tell you which one is Brian, but consider that he is a Holwerda, and that I am 6'6", and I think you'll be able to pick him out quickly.
He is from the much swarthier California branch of the Holwerdas.

Have a great weekend, everybody.


Andrea G. said...

"and she's hot"
Danny is Danny is Danny!

Danny said...

I should probably use more respectful adjectives to describe married women. She's lovely!

Ali said...

WTH?! how in the world does it take me more than a MONTH to see a post that not only a) compliments my blog, but b) calls me hot. for the love of God, man, you have to give me the heads up with posts like this! ;)

and, then there was moving... during the holidays... and her blog-a-day streak came to an end. and nevermind about keeping up with her friends' blogs!

Ali said...

p.s. i prefer the adjective "hot."

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