Project Horror, Day 7: The Burrowers


The Burrowers made it onto the list compliments of my friend Kyle - thanks for the recommendation!

Full disclosure - I added this one to the list as a zombie movie, but it turns out that the creatures in it are not textbook zombies.  You know the cave crawlers in The Descent?  They're more like that.  Still, I've got a movie per day quota to meet here so I'm forging onward.

Before I knew anything else about it, two things appealed to me about this movie.  First was that it's a western-horror genre mashup.  Although there are plenty of good horror movies made, there are SO many released that are just about killing off a group of teens that it's fun to see a change of setting.  Second, this movie features Clancy Brown, one of my favorite Hey! It's That Guy! actors.  You may know him best as The Kurgan from The Highlander, which you may remember won the Academy Award for Best Movie Ever Made.

I know that I've already referenced three other movies, but here's just one more.  Did you ever see the John Wayne movie The Searchers?  If not, please make plans to see it as soon as you can.  It really could be a contender for Best Movie Ever Made, and I say that as somebody who isn't especially a fan of John Wayne, or of Westerns, for that matter.  Anyway, The Burrowers borrows that movie's basic plot of seeking a loved one kidnapped by Indians, but changes it by having the characters find out that Indians actually had nothing to with the abduction, and that the loved ones may be in for a far worse fate.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying this movie compares to The Searchers in terms of movie greatness, but you won't be able to watch both without seeing the parallel.

Actually, that would be a pretty good one line review - it's not The Searchers, but it's a pretty fun movie.  If you want a really fantastic Western horror movie, I recommend another that my friend Kyle is also a fan of - Ravenous.  I give The Burrowers three cowboy zombie heads out of five.


Kyle said...

The Searchers a contender for Best Movie Ever Made? That'll be the day!

Danny said...

Dude, The Searchers is a GREAT movie. AFI agrees with me -

Plus, they named it the best Western ever made (

And if that's not enough for you, it's got Natalie Wood wearing buckskin. I'd watch Natalie Wood in anything.

Kyle said...

Hey, genius, way to miss my totally hilarious reference! For such a big fan of the Searchers, I'm surprised that you forgot the fact that John Wayne's catch phrase throughout is "That'll be the day."

In fact, I happened to enjoy that movie quite a bit. Now go to your room and think about what you did. Maybe next time you'll get my joke. Mensa my a$$.

Danny said...

Danny fails. I really am the Farley to your Spade, my friend.

Ali said...

what i want to know is where the hell did you find "cowboy zombie heads"?!

Danny said...

I had a smart-aleck answer ready to go ("Turn off your web filter, and I think you'll find that the internet is mostly porn and cowboy zombie heads."), but decided the truth is better. The truth is that I had enough faith that somebody out there at some point must have created a cowboy zombie graphic that I just typed "cowboy zombie" into Google, and used one of the image results that came back. There were lots to choose from. Like I said, porn and cowboy zombies.

Ali said...

i like your smart-alec answer better. in the future, always choose the smart-alec option.

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