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All school year long, Blake's stories from school have centered around two names in particular.  One is his best friend, Amari (I think I'm spelling that right.  It's pronounced uh-MAR-ee.), a little boy who he also played basketball with last year.  The other is Madeline.  I'm trying to think of a cute, kindergarten-appropriate euphemism, but I think I just have to come out and say that Blake loves Madeline.

To Rachel and Kelley, I apologize.  I know that this kind of steps on the plans that we've tried to make between Blake and your daughters.  The heart wants what it wants.

Here is the note that Blake gave to Madeline on the last day of school.

Transcription, in case you can't read it:
Madlen i like you vury much.
i like your backpack.
Frum BlAke to Madlen
Complimenting a woman on her bag?  You guys, that is advanced stuff.  That didn't even occur to me until college.  My boy flirts on a college level.  I guess it worked, too, based on what he told me happened afterward.  On the last day of school, his class was picking up trash around the campus, and he picked a "wishing flower" (a dandelion seed pod) to give to her.  She told him that her wish was for them to get married when they get older.  My advice to him is to get out there and compliment a few more backpacks first.


Andrea G. said...


Danny said...

I was hoping you'd see this one, Mrs. Medina-Goodman, because I remember that one of my most successfully delivered lines ever was aimed at you in 8th grade. Now I want to see if you remember what it was!

Krisha said...

This is too cute for words!! Blake is adorable!

I awarded you with the "Versatile Blogger Award"!!

Andrea G. said...

I remember you saying something poetical once that I really appreciated. But can't remember the content. You were fairly smooth at times.
BTW, It's Goodman. I keep the Medina around but am not so cool as to hyphenate. :D

Ali said...

this make me SMILE! smile!!!

Danny said...

Andrea - I don't know why I threw the Medina in there. I think because I was already feeling dorky over remembering something that I said 23 years ago. But I'm glad that you (kind of) remember it, too!

Ali - Thanks! That made ME smile, and I needed that this morning.

Danny said...

Oh, and thanks for the award, Krisha! I'm gonna print it out so I can wear it on my chest. I'm still holding out to be one of the subjects of your blog's Hot Guy Friday, though.

McCall said...

Ironically, our little Mr. Marley Man (who just turned 3) is ALSO "best friends" with two kids: Johnathan and the love of his life (as he is, of her's). I'll post a photo on my wall so you can witness their amazing connection.

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