Project Advent, Day 11: Donation to Texas Boys Ranch


Crud, you guys...  I am sick.  My chest feels like it's been stuffed full of kerosene-soaked sawdust, and somebody is holding a match to it each time I breathe.  I really don't like missing church this time of year, when our sanctuary is so beautiful, our fantastic choir is singing Christmas songs, and the Advent candles are being lit.  But I gave the Holwerdas a rare pajama Sunday today, because I need the rest, and I don't feel like being Patient Zero in a flu outbreak at FUMC.  I think I may have brought this on myself with all of the extra time outside yesterday and Friday.

Fortunately, I planned ahead for this contingency!  Actually, I'd planned to use this as a free day to take Courtney on a date one night next weekend, but it turns out she's working all next weekend, so...  Anyway, I dropped a donation to the Texas Boys Ranch in the mailbox.  I know it doesn't go out until tomorrow, but I'm still counting it.

The Boys Ranch has been a part of Lubbock as far back as I can remember.  It turns out that it's exactly as old as I am, since it was opened in 1975.  They are a faith-based residential facility for children aged 4-18, where abused and neglected children live in groups with house parents, and are given help through counseling, therapy, and even vocational training.  It is also an actual, working 460 acre ranch, where the children get to take part in the responsibilities of running the ranch.  Last year, for the first time in their history, they made the decision to open their doors to girls, too, so that siblings can stay together at the ranch.  They have helped hundreds of Lubbock's children. 

OK, I'm going to take some Mucinex and head back to bed so that I can do something tomorrow.

Gratitude Project: I get blasted by one or two good colds per year, but I'm blessed with very good health overall.  Really, better than I deserve, given how little attention I've paid to maintaining it over the years.  When we're sick, we often pray for healing, but when was the last time you prayed to thank God on a day you were healthy?  Today, I'm going to lift a prayer of gratitude for all the healthy days I have.


Jsigle said...

I'm not sure who you are cut you made my day with your post about Texas Boys Ranch. I'm the executive director of the Ranch andnim thankful for folks like you who take the time to remember others.

Danny Holwerda said...

Thanks very much for the note, and I'm glad to know that you got to see this.  I am so glad to live in a community where a place like the Boys Ranch is available, and that it is staffed with good folks like you.

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