October: Not Just for Horror Movies


I have seriously slipped on keeping you posted about what's going on, since I've been so busy with Return of Project Horror.  Here's some of what we did in October.
Instead of flowers, some of our friends honored Papa's memory by sending us a pine sapling, which we planted in Mom's backyard.
Ava started dance lessons!  It's exactly as cute as it sounds.

We visited my in-laws in Dallas on Columbus Day Weekend, and I ate at In N Out Burgers twice.
I took my kids to a bajillion birthday parties for their classmates.  Here is the street sign for one of the parties Blake went to.  Click on it to zoom, if you need to.  If you are an urban planner, and you make streets that are dead ends at both ends, you are a dick.
My friends Jason and Kerri Winter brought their family to town for Texas Tech's homecoming, and asked if my family would like to join them for the parade.  We also met the Burgess family there.

Jack is happy as long as there's food.

Blake with the Winter boys.  They were fast friends!

All of the kids loved the parade.

The Winters wanted to take the kids for some pictures on campus, near the Will Rogers statue and the fountain, so we joined them.

And that is how Jack ended up taking a bath in the fountain when I had my back turned.
Poor kid probably doesn't have a chance now - he's been baptized as a Red Raider.
You may remember this about Jack, but he is fond of getting into the water when he isn't supposed to.  The Winters also presented me with a really cool, really touching gift, but it's one that I'm going to give its own post very soon.


Danny Holwerda said...

She has a big recital in the spring, and I CAN NOT wait. I think that my daddy contract specifies that I have to bring a great big bouquet for it.

When that day comes, I want to hear about it. This neighborhood was infuriating - it was 50% road construction and 50% double deads.

Jack's a guy of simple tastes; free food and access to something to swim in. He's easy to get along with!

Danny Holwerda said...

There's a similar fountain right outside the student center at A&M, and I can't tell you how many times I wanted to jump into that thing when it was 95 degrees and 99% humidity. I was frustrated with him, but also kind of admired the way he just followed his id right into that water. That's what the look on my face says in that last picture.

Academomia said...

Oh Jack, what did you do? That is hilarious!! I've wanted to do that so many times!!

We'll have to come back from homecoming sometime. I miss Lubbock so much!

Ali said...

my random thoughts (in no particular order):

little girl dance classes really ARE as cute as they sound. i completely agree with you.

next time i meet an urban planner (how is it i've never met an urban planner?), i'm going to lead with, "have you ever created a double dead-end street?" if he says, "yes." i'm going to yell, "DICK!" and walk away. you're welcome.

i could TOTALLY hang with jack. i'm happy as long as there's food, too! but, i'm leaving inappropriate water submersion completely up to him.

Kerri_winter said...

Awwwe Danny! We had such a great time! Love your kiddos! They all have such great personalities! Jack is a fire cracker! Does that boy sleep? :-). We'll have to do it again next year! Katharine also started dance a few months ago :-). Boys are still in Chess Club. Keep us updated on the progress! So excited to see the finished product! Kerri and Jason

Kerri_winter said...

Ditto on the double dead end, and I love the baptized Red Raider! LOL!

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