Look at the what now?


First things first, right?  Why did I choose the name Look What Danny Made! for this blog?  This isn't a craft blog, and it's not like I really "make" anything outside of dinner or the occasional ridiculously attractive child.  Actually, the ridiculously attractive children kind of play into this.

My favorite kind of joke is the running joke.  This is why regardless of what the fortune in my cookie at a Chinese restaurant actually says, I will always, always read it out loud as "You will be eaten by tigers!?!"  After the birth of each of our children, as Courtney and I left the hospital, I would hold their tiny little bodies up above my head, Lion King style, and call out to anybody within earshot, "Look!  Look what I have made!"

It took a while to think of something to call this site, but once I burned through all of the faux-deep and annoyingly cute names I could think of, that one stood out to me.  My family is a huge part of who I am, and I'm sure they'll make the pages of this blog pretty often, so it seemed to fit.  Although it's still kind of in development, I hope you'll stick around for more of what I made!


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